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Professional Irrigation Design

90+ Years of Combined Experience

The team at COE provides expert irrigation design services for all types of water projects. With 90+ years of irrigation designing, construction and service, we provide unmatched services including consulting, audits, and construction management.


Cookie-cutter solutions rarely work to create long term solutions in complex situations. We like to think outside the box to incorporate all available options to design the best solution for the site, available resources and our clients.

Peer Erickson, CID, CLIA

Grew up in Minnesota with a love of the outdoors and earned the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. His first job was in construction and started a side business landscaping for the neighborhood.

COE was founded in 2004 to design and build landscape and irrigation projects throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. Over time we moved away from implementation and focused more on design. As we designed more, I earned the Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) certification from the Irrigation Association. I am proud to say I am one of roughly 20 individuals who are currently available for hire who have achieved this level of certification in Colorado.

Irrigation Association Member
Certified Irrigation Designer with the Irrigation Association
Peer Erickson