Smart Irrigation Controllers

Conserve Water With the Touch of a Button

Our smart technology lets you get the most out of your Colorado Outdoor Environments irrigation system. Conveniently control your sprinklers from your devices including your phone or iPad thanks to our integrated systems that include soil moisture sensors, precipitation sensors, flow sensors, and more.

Controlling sprinklers/irrigation with a smart tablet
Illustration of a technician programming an irrigation system

Irrigation Controls

One of the main reasons we implement automation in our irrigation systems is because it helps conserve water. Reducing water consumption not only saves you money, but it protects the environment for generations to come.

You can start your car and control your home’s thermostat via an app on your phone, so why not control your sprinkler system as well? Large-scale or small, Colorado Outdoor Environments wants to make your irrigation system more efficient and cost-effective for you. With a smart sprinkler controller, you can have your finger on the pulse of your watering system, and be alerted of any leaks or flow issues in real-time.

Control Your Irrigation Via:

  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • Computer

Having access to all your irrigation data will ensure you’re using the right amount of water to keep your landscape healthy and conserve water as well.

How Smart Sprinkler Controllers Conserve Water

Reads Existing Moisture Levels

Yes, you can put your irrigation system on a set schedule, programming it to run every other day. But, what happens when it rains? Does your sprinkler system have the ability to sense soil moisture and skip a watering session when it’s not needed?

Follows Precipitation Forecast

Keeping up with the weather is one way a smart sprinkler controller can conserve water. The moisture meters can make adjustments to the watering schedule based on temperature, rainfall, or other data collected. If precipitation is in the forecast, a manual watering session can be delayed so Mother Nature can get the job done for you.

These features and others help ensure we’re treating water as the precious, limited resource that it is.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that if every home in the US with an automatic sprinkler system used smart technology to manage watering, 220 billion gallons of water could be saved across the nation. That’s an estimated $2.4 billion in savings! Imagine the benefits if this was also applied to golf courses, farming, or large residential or commercial areas.

A row of pop up sprinklers spraying water
Water flowing from irrigation system

Benefits of Smart Sprinkler Systems

Besides knowing when your sprinkler timers are set, what are other ways to get insight into your irrigation system?

With a customized, smart sprinkler system professionally designed and installed by COE, you’ll be able to:

  • Use hands-off system automation
  • Receive email and/or text notifications regarding system status
  • Read soil moisture meters
  • Check flow and pressure
  • Schedule watering based on site data
  • Configure irrigation system based on what’s being watered
  • See water usage
  • Save water
  • Save money
  • Earn rebates for efficiency

Smart irrigation controls are calculated to reduce between 30 and 50% in water savings. That’s a substantial reduction! If you want to take advantage of the carefully designed and professionally installed irrigation systems Colorado Outdoor Environments has to offer, schedule a consultation with our team today.

All of this and more is available via your phone, iPad, or computer control dashboard. It couldn’t be easier to use, allowing you to make adjustments when the weather changes, or when you’re out of town and need to know the current status of your system.

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Colorado Outdoor Environments prides itself on working with clients for the past 30+ years to meet and exceed their irrigation needs by creating simple, efficient water solutions. We have learned that conservation and proper irrigation leads to improved overall long-term landscape health for our clients.

Our irrigation systems are worth the investment in your property and in the environment.

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