At COE, we like to showcase the work we have behind us so you can visualize what’s coming ahead. Take a look at some of our past projects so you can get a better idea of what to expect.

Field Trip To Florida

I was asked to look at a sprinkler system on a recent trip to Florida. As you can see from the photos, there were some large dry spots.

This small project was so much fun because I saw what materials contractors use in Florida!

Even though they get a fair amount of rain, water conservation is just as crucial in Florida as it is in Colorado. The soil is essentially sand, so it doesn’t hold water like soils with more organics.

Because of the dry spots in this space, the landscaper turned up the clock to try to overcome the dry areas. With proper coverage, they can turn down the time on the zone and get the results they were always looking for.

For proper layout, I discovered that they were missing two heads, and another head was behind a bush. We can make a big difference here. I added the two heads and moved the other head from inside the bush. As I worked, I also got to see that they use spa flex rather than swing pipe down in Florida–both are good options, depending on your situation. Just for future reference.

You can see how much better their lawn looks! As a good reference point, look at the picture of their yard and their neighbors; what a difference! No more dry spots on one side and wet spots on the other. Just consistent coverage throughout the zone that helps conserve water.

Basalt Cemetery Conservation

Most people don’t factor cemeteries into the equation when they think about water usage, but they’re actually close to parks and golf courses when it comes to watering their grass. We worked with Basalt Cemetery to create a more water-wise way to keep their peaceful location green and beautiful. Here’s a look behind the curtain at what our drawings look like:

River Water To Roaring Fork Valley

This project in the Roaring Fork Valley was to access water from the river and bring it up to a pond for irrigation for this property. We were one of several companies that expertly brought this project to completion. Thank you to everyone involved!

COE began the project by designing the wet well at the river to collect water so it could be brought up to a new pond for irrigation. We designed the wet well, pump system, controls, and pipeline delivery system for this part of the project. This system monitors the pond level and turns on the pump automatically when the pond level drops to a set point. This way, the pond is always full with no human intervention.

Next, we designed the irrigation system for the entire disturbed area around the new pond and a new, updated irrigation system around the house. This included the wet well at the pond, pump system, filtration system, irrigation system, and web-based controls. This system can be monitored and controlled anywhere you have an internet connection!

COE was then hired to install the system, revegetate the site, and perform water management services.  This system is impressive and uses soil moisture sensors to use only the water it needs automatically.  Smart Controls with soil moisture sensors are the future of water conservation.

This system requires minimal interaction from us as it tells us when there is a problem. It can even shut itself down when a problem is detected and send us a message about that problem immediately.Are you interested in learning more about Smart Controls for your property?  Get in touch with us today, and let’s make your green space water-friendly AND beautiful.

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