Hydro Power Plants

Harness the power of water with Colorado Outdoor Environments; invest in a micro-hydro power plant for your property and provide power for your house and potentially clean energy back to the grid.

Renewable Energy at Its Finest

At Colorado Outdoor Environments, we craft special water features like ponds, streams, and waterfalls that make your property stand out—all while honoring the environment. We value water as a precious resource and strive to create custom water projects and irrigation systems conscious of conservation.

What is a Hydro Plant?

Micro-hydro power plants utilize a turbine/pump/waterwheel, generator, and controller customized for the size and output requirements of the system.

Hydro plants convert DC power into AC power. Electricity is then stored in batteries for later use or wired directly to the final location for immediate use.


Parts of a Micro-hydro Power Plant

  • Water Pipe – a means of conveying the water from one place to another
  • Turbine / Pump / Waterwheel – a method of transforming the water’s kinetic energy into rotational energy
  • Alternator / Generator – a means of converting the rotational energy into electrical energy
  • Regulator – controls the alternator or generator
  • Wiring – a power source for the pump and means of delivering electricity to its following location

Common Uses for Micro-hydro Power Plants

There are many uses for a micro-hydro power plant on your property, whether it’s commercial or residential, including:

Site Consultation

Energy.gov reports that a 10-kilowatt micro-hydro power plant can generate enough energy to power a large residential home, a small resort, or even a hobby farm (5 to 15 acres) in rural residential areas.

Back-up Power

Hydropower can serve as a primary power source or a form of backup power in the event of an electrical outage.

Critical Benefits of Hydro Power from Colorado Outdoor Environments

Why should you consider investing in micro-hydro power plants for your property?


  • Eco-Conscious Power: Commit to a greener planet with our water-conscious energy systems.
  • Steady and Reliable: The constant flow of hydroelectricity offers dependability that sunny days or windy weather can’t promise.
  • Low Flow, High Efficiency: Operate seamlessly with low flow rates.
  • Complementary Backup: Equip your landscape with a reliable secondary power source.
  • Unmatched Efficiency: With 50-70% better efficiency over other energy assets, expect transformative results.

Long-Term Savings: Our plants promise a return on investment through persistent performance.

Ideal for Visionaries Like You

Do you envision a landscape that takes your breath away and breathes life back into your home and community? Are you a pioneer seeking to merge aesthetics with ecological responsibility? If you’re designing a landscape that needs water, let it flow purposefully.

A hydroelectric power plant suits many projects, from sprawling commercial plots and golf courses to innovative public utilities. No longer just a vision, with Colorado Outdoor Environments, micro-hydropower plants are a reality waiting to happen.

Site Consultation

 Let’s get to know your landscape and how we can efficiently use water for special projects like a pond. By visiting your property, we can figure out a cost-effective and water-conscious solution to your design.


Our experts have decades of experience to draw upon when designing your unique water project. Whether it’s altering the course of an existing stream on your property or developing rainwater collection systems for irrigation purposes, our professional designers have you covered.


We not only design water projects, but we install them as well. You can rest easy knowing our team will see your project through from beginning to end. We’ll also integrate high-tech tools to help you manage your water project, whatever it may be. Control and monitor your system from a tablet or smartphone, no matter where you are.

Ready to Energize Your Environment?

Begin your journey towards self-sustainability and eco-friendly power generation. Contact Colorado Outdoor Environments today to discuss how we can generate renewable energy on your property.

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Colorado Outdoor Environments has been helping clients for decades. We aim to meet and exceed irrigation and water project needs by creating simple, cost-effective, and efficient water solutions. We have learned that conservation and proper irrigation improve our clients’ overall long-term landscape health.

Make a splash with your project; let the clean, cost-effective energy of Colorado Outdoor Environments’ hydropower plants be the current that drives your vision forward.

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