Irrigation System Design That Works

Water is a precious resource. Creating irrigation systems that deliver the water your property needs while maintaining conservation is an artform, and it’s one that we’ve worked for years to perfect.

Whether you need to provide water to a home, ranch, subdivision, or golf course, COE is here to reduce operational and maintenance costs without compromising quality – all while ensuring we’re using water smartly.

Our team of irrigation experts have over 90 years of combined experience and education in irrigation related fields. Rest assured that we’re fully equipped to create an irrigation design that benefits you. Our comprehensive plans are specially designed to match the intent of our clients while setting new heights for water conservation.

Golf course irrigation

Exploring the Power of Drip Irrigation

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for irrigation systems. No two houses–or businesses, or golf courses, or subdivisions–are the same, and each needs a specialized design that allows the property to get the water it needs without being a drain on resources. From water pressure to drip irrigation models, we consider everything that goes into keeping water flow steady without the need to go full blast.

We have a team of experts that includes irrigation specialists, sprinkler system designers, and more professionals that are dedicated to irrigation planning in a way that serves both you and Colorado’s water supply. That’s why, when we create an irrigation system design, we work hand in hand with you to create something with your specifications in mind.

Our designs are always straightforward to understand, and we’ll talk with you through the whole process–from consulting to design to installation–to ensure you’re informed on what we’re doing and how it benefits your property.

Sustainable irrigation with smart technology

Advanced Irrigation System in Colorado

At COE, we use the most up-to-date technology when it comes to providing excellent irrigation while conserving water. Whether you’re just looking to get some extra water to your flowerbeds or you’re finding the most efficient way to water the lawns of an entire subdivision, we go deeper than just looking into different kinds of sprinkler heads.

Our team researches each new piece of technology we use, ensuring it’s the best possible solution for irrigation needs and water management. That’s why we’ve embraced “Smart Irrigation Technology” in our designs–by being able to monitor soil moisture and keeping track of gallons per minute, we can provide eco-friendly irrigation that helps the environment and your property.

COE Smart Technology includes the following:

Soil Moisture Sensors

Precipitation Sensors

Flow & Pressure Sensors

Scheduling Based on Site Data

Email and Text Notifications

Water Usage Charts & Graphs

Real Time Notifications of Issues

Phone, iPad, Computer Control

Design to Installation Services in Colorado

Our team of certified irrigation designers and technicians ensure the most effective irrigation equipment methods and materials for the application of a new irrigation system are used, and that they’re used properly, with no details, equipment, or materials overlooked. 

With every installation, we evaluate site conditions and determine water availability and use requirements, then select the most effective irrigation equipment methods and materials for the application.

Rest assured that whenever we work on a project, our team ensures the installation matches the design specifications that we established during planning. We work according to exact specifications that include the construction, details, and equipment, such as hydraulics system components. 

We’ll do everything we can to ensure your water is used conservatively and correctly, and together, we’ll keep Colorado water-friendly.

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Colorado Outdoor Environments prides itself on working with clients for over 30 years to meet and exceed their irrigation needs by creating simple, efficient water solutions. We have learned that conservation and proper irrigation leads to improved overall long-term landscape health for our clients.

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