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Expert Irrigation Services from Colorado Outdoor Environments

At Colorado Outdoor Environments, we specialize in creating high-performance residential irrigation solutions. Our team of professionals uses their in-depth knowledge of Colorado's diverse climate and sometimes challenging terrain to design irrigation systems for any residential property, small or large. We ensure your home becomes a lush retreat while prioritizing water conservation.

Do you think water conservation and a lush landscape are mutually exclusive? They’re not! Colorado Outdoor Environments can make both a reality. The days of irrigating more to ensure your lawn has enough water are over. COE systems use data to water automatically and intuitively, saving you time and money.

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Dedicated to Conservation and Aesthetics

Water is a precious resource in Colorado, and our services are designed with water-saving technology to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Whether you’re a hands-on homesteader, a hobby farm owner, or simply seeking to elevate your home’s outdoor living space, we ensure your irrigation system works beautifully within our state’s unique environmental conditions.

Sustainable irrigation with smart technology

Our Services Include:

  • Tailored Irrigation Design: We consider your property’s size, shape, and specific landscaping to create a customized irrigation strategy.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Cutting-edge technology allows us to design a system that both conserves water and keeps your green spaces thriving.
  • Full-Service Implementation: From design to installation, we handle every step to transform your vision into a reality.

What’s Involved in Residential Irrigation Design

Our experts know what they’re getting into when it comes time to design a residential irrigation system. Here’s some of what the residential irrigation design and installation process entails:

  • Plotting, planning, and designing the sprinkler system for review
  • Determining available water supply for the sprinkler design
  • Selecting the best sprinkler products (heads, lines, valves, pipes) for your property
  • Offering control options to meet your needs
  • Meeting local codes for your point of connection
  • Expert construction management and installation of the sprinkler system

When you work with COE on your irrigation system, we answer all your technical questions. With over 30 years of experience, we provide our clients with expert information and access to equipment on the cutting edge of high-performance irrigation.

Irrigation system installation

Do you have questions about how it all works? That’s what COE is here for. We’ll check the water pressure and volume to determine the design capacity and what parts work best for your residential irrigation design. We’ll help you select the valves, drip control kits, and any other products you need to get the best results, all while remaining water-conscious.

Whether it’s a small homestead or a sprawling residential hobby farm, we’ll ensure you get the best sprinkler system for your property.

Why Choose Colorado Outdoor Environments?

Local Expertise

Our team has years of experience designing irrigation systems that cater to Colorado’s particular climate and terrain.

Resource Efficiency

Mindful irrigation plays a significant role in water conservation, and our designs reflect that ethos.

Versatile Designs

No project is too big or too small—we’re adept at handling diverse property layouts and sizes.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring satisfaction from consultation to completion.

Transforming your residential outdoor space begins with the right irrigation design. Join the ranks of countless Colorado property owners who trust Colorado Outdoor Environments to marry form, function, and environmental stewardship.

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It’s time to nurture your residential property with an irrigation system that reflects care for your land and the environment. Contact the experts at Colorado Outdoor Environments for a consultation, and we’ll help craft the ideal residential irrigation design for your home.

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Colorado Outdoor Environments prides itself on working with clients for over 30 years to meet and exceed their irrigation needs by creating simple, efficient water solutions. We have learned that conservation and proper irrigation improve our clients’ overall long-term landscape health.

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