Irrigation Services

As experts in irrigation design, consulting and construction management, we provide industry-leading design services to our clients to maximize the efficient use of water. From home sprinkler systems to commercial drip irrigation systems, we’re here to help Colorado use water efficiently.

We do more than just homes and construction projects. If you have any of the following, we’re here to offer our services:

Services We Provide

Our services go far beyond installing sprinkler heads and irrigation drip systems. Here are just a few of the CID-certified services we offer:

What Goes Into Our Designs

When we design an irrigation system, we ensure our designs are easy to understand and work perfectly with the unique design of your home, business, or anything involving water. Here’s what you can expect in our drawings:

We also consider the following when we create our designs

Water Projects

Like we said, we go beyond installing sprinkler systems and drip irrigation design. Here are a few of the irrigation installation projects we’ve had in the past

Pump & Control Options

There’s a lot more to pump systems than meets the eye. Choosing the right pump is a key part of water conservation:


Here’s just a few of the areas and organizations we serve in Colorado:

Incorporating Smart Technology

What do we mean by “Smart Technology”?

Over the years, the incorporation of smart technology has helped reduce water consumption and increase plant health. COE uses soil moisture sensors to develop our comprehensive plans and specifications, because it allows us to know exactly how much moisture is in the root zone of a particular area of a landscape. With that knowledge, we’re able to determine if an irrigation schedule should run or not run based on our site-specific programming. 

Our systems also provide real time notices on issues like broken heads or lines, saving maintenance teams hours of looking for issues. It also shuts down any part of a system that shows signs of a leak. This data can save significant amounts of water and labor over time.

COE Smart Technology includes the following:

Soil Moisture Sensors

Precipitation Sensors

Flow & Pressure Sensors

Scheduling Based on Site Data

Email and Text Notifications

Water Usage Charts & Graphs

Real Time Notifications of Issues

Phone, iPad, Computer Control

Detailed Drawings Clear Enough For Anyone To Understand

Every installation needs a blueprint, and we include our clients in ours. You don’t have to be an engineer to understand the irrigation drawings and designs we create–we ensure it’s as easy to understand as possible for any and everyone involved in the project. 

You can rest assured that every detail of your custom irrigation plan has been made with your unique property in mind, and we work to establish the specifications and design that works best with your property. 

All drawings are then reviewed by a Certified Irrigation Designer before submission to make sure all the clients’ needs and goals are met. By doing so, we ensure that we do things right the first time and run no risk of needing to add or re-do an installation once we’ve started construction.