Custom Water Features 

Our custom water features are visually stunning, but they’re so much more than just pretty: they provide water conservation at their core. Discover how we can transform your property into an attractive, functional, eco-friendly landscape.

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Pond Garden and Water Management

Welcome to Water-Wise Wonders

At Colorado Outdoor Environments, we craft special water features like ponds, streams, and waterfalls that make your property stand out—all while honoring the environment. We value water as a precious resource and strive to create custom water projects and irrigation systems conscious of conservation.

Be a Steward of Nature

Our commitment to Colorado’s eco-conscious homeowners and landscape designers goes beyond aesthetics. We are pioneers in environmentally friendly and water-wise solutions that beautify your landscape without wasting a precious drop.

Our Unique Selling Points:

  • Custom Irrigation Solutions: Tailored systems for ponds, streams, waterfalls, and irrigation options designed for optimal water conservation.
  • Advanced Monitoring Technology: We equip you with the necessary tools to ensure efficiency.
  • Sustainable Beauty: Create breathtaking outdoor spaces that align with ecological values.
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Enhance Your Colorado Property with Water Conscious Design

Are you ready to elevate your Colorado property with water features that are both beautiful and sustainable? Our team at Colorado Outdoor Environments is eager to bring your vision to life. Before we break ground, we’ll work through the following process with you:

Site Consultation

 Let’s get to know your landscape and how we can efficiently use water for special projects like a pond. By visiting your property, we can figure out a cost-effective and water-conscious solution to your design.


Our experts have decades of experience to draw upon when designing your unique water project. Whether it’s altering the course of an existing stream on your property or developing rainwater collection systems for irrigation purposes, our professional designers have you covered.


We not only design water projects, but we install them as well. You can rest easy knowing our team will see your project through from beginning to end. We’ll also integrate high-tech tools to help you manage your water project, whatever it may be. Control and monitor your system from a tablet or smartphone, no matter where you are.

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The Importance of Water Conservation

We believe water conservation isn’t just a personal choice; it’s a necessary obligation in Colorado. Through wise water use in irrigation and unique water features, we’re doing our part to help protect our limited natural resources and foster a balance in the local environment.

By integrating innovative technologies and intelligent design in our irrigation solutions, we minimize water waste and support the well-being of our ecosystems. Together, we can significantly impact water conservation, preserving it for future generations while enjoying the beauty of a vibrant, flourishing landscape.

How You Benefit


  • Cost Savings – Wasted water is wasted money. Reduce operational costs by reducing water consumption.
  • Increased Property Value – An efficient property is a valuable property. 
  • Long-Term Land Resilience – Train your landscape to be more resilient, especially during drought.
  • Community Leadership – Set an example in your community by implementing water-wise solutions.

Transform Your Landscape with Us

Start your journey towards a breathtaking landscape that’s as responsible as it is enchanting. Whether you’re adding a water hazard to a golf course or want to integrate some of our solutions into existing water features, contact Colorado Outdoor Environments today and let us help you create something genuinely water-wise.

Schedule a Consultation

Let’s get started! It’s time for your outdoor space to reflect your environmental values. Contact us today, and let’s create something extraordinary together.

Our irrigation systems are worth the investment in your property and the environment.

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